AstroVR Demo and Bug fixes!

Update Log: 6/6/2017

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed a bug where the solar system view was broken. 
  • Cleaned up Codebase.
  • Optimized stars.
  • Get ready for new features... coming soon.

Free Code?

Today we released a demo for AstroVR. If you are hesitant about buying the full version you can try a demo for free! The demo cannot see the planets or satellites,  but you can see the sun, moon, stars, and constellations. Which we feel is enough to see if AstroVR something you would enjoy.

To get the rest of the features along with all future updates for AstroVR you may buy a copy for $2.99. 


AstroVR 58 MB
Version 10 Aug 27, 2017
AstroVR Demo 55 MB
Jun 06, 2017

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